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RALLY reached out to me earlier this year to help them streamline their client reporting. Traditionally in the field of marketing, updates are given to clients via spreadsheets, exports and screenshots during the campaign period, and an end-of-campaign presentation is put together. This however was a rather time consuming task and places a burden not only on the client, but on the marketing team themselves to read through lines and cells of data to extrapolate the value from these numbers themselves. RALLY new there was a better way, and I was tasked with building a set of comprehensive reports that covered all of their advertising platforms, followed by training sessions with their staff on how to manage, update, duplicate, and build them. Throughout the process, attention to detail was paid in terms of how data was brought in and filtered to allow the future editors of these reports easily duplicate and change out data streams for new clients.

key goals:

  • Follow the brand's visual guidelines to ensure continuity between the report appearance and that of RALLY's brand identity.

  • Create dashboards that are simple enough for anyone who reads it to be able to understand the data, yet robust enough to aid the marketing team in making data driven decisions.

  • Build the reports in a way that they can easily be duplicated and have new data sources connected so their team can internally build reports for all of their other clients.

See the Report!

The report shown here is for one of RALLY's clients, and as such to protect their info, the report was downloaded as a PDF and parts of the report are blurred out to protect the privacy of their data. These reports in real life are dynamic, allowing the end user to filter by and endless combination of variables. However, that functionality does not exist in the PDF export.

Each page of this report covers a different ad network, with the first page being a merged overview of all platforms combined.

View the Report

Client Testimonials

"We attended a metrics tracking conference last week and this report was way more attractive than any we saw presented!"


Marketing Director

"We do something like this on other programs, but not like this. This is really bells and whistle-y. Can't wait to dive in!!"


Project Manager

"Good to see a very robust, attractive-looking one in person. KUDOS TEAM!"



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